Patient Site and MOA Video

Patient website redesign for a client.

In 2015, we were asked to overhaul the clients existing product site, which was targeted at both patients and healthcare professionals. They requested we create a new, colorful brand to revitalize the site, and adjust the focus of the site content to cater to patients and caregivers.
The end result was a completely new site with patient photos taken on a shoot in Charleston, SC; brand new charts, infographics, and icons; and a responsive experience so that important information about the product could be viewed anywhere.
For most up-to-date information, please visit the clients website:
Previous incarnation of site
New homepage design

One of the most exciting aspects of the website redesign was being able to create a short, patient-friendly animated video about the mechanism of disease (MOD) and the products mechanism of action (MOA). After sketching, storyboarding, and asset creation, we worked with an animator and a voiceover artist to bring the video to life.

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