MA Unemployment Site Concept

One Week Project: wanted to take a stab at reimagining how the Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance page (and, I guess, most of the site...) could look if it got some love. More photos, a cohesive color and type palette, iconography, and hierarchy. Massachusetts logos and copy and information copyright Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Please don't sue me, I just wanted something to do ;)

(Dear MA government people: I'm not making money off of this, please don't sue me) :D

The Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance (UI) for claimants site is not attractive. You can see it here. It has a LOT of very helpful information, but it's not a very pretty site. It needs love. I saw the beautiful websites for the government of Arkansas (here) and the Business Victoria sites and thought these were great examples of government websites.

Like Oryx Oddities, this was another quick, one-week project: experiments in UX, wireframing, and design.

The UI page is just one part of a huge government site, but I reimagined what a nicer-looking site *could* be like: more hierarchy, a consistent color theme, and new typography.
Here is the original beauty:
Here is the redesign:

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